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Welcome to Ontohub,
the free and open ontology repository engine.

Ontohub is an open ontology repository which supports organisation, collection, retrieval, development, mapping, translation, and evaluation of a wide array of ontologies formalised in diverse languages.

Ontohub has provided technological infrastructure for the FOIS 2014 and FOIS 2016 Ontology Competitions.

This wiki entrance aims at providing instructions and support to the Ontohub users. See also FAQ.

Key features of Ontohub:

  • OntoHub is an ontology repository that supports the ontology development and maintenance along the whole ontology lifecycle.
  • publishing & retrieval: OntoHub is a free ontology repository that allows you to publish your ontology and find existing ontologies that are relevant for your work.
  • development: OntoHub supports ontology development. Since OntoHub is based on Git repositories, OntoHub supports ontology versioning, branching, and merging.
  • evaluation: OntoHub is designed to be a platform for ontology evaluation tools. The goal is to support all kinds of evaluation; including syntactic validation, best-practices evaluation, and regression testing.
  • multilingual: OntoHub supports a wide variety of languages and logics. The same ontology may exist in more than one language. OntoHub supports the automatic translation between languages.
  • open: OntoHub is based on open source software.

Attention: use latest Protégé version

Since Ontohub uses HTTP redirects, you need to use the latest Protégé version in order to work with Ontohub. The same holds for the OWL API.