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A mapping relates two ontologies: a source and a target ontology. It consists of a set of correspondences, where each correspondence relates a symbol of the source ontology with a symbol of the target ontology. There are various different types of mapping, which all can be written down in DOL:

  • Imports: If an ontology imports another one, the inclusion is automatically a mapping.
  • Views, or interpretations: one ontology is mapped into another one, such that axioms of the source ontology are translated into theorems of the target ontology.
  • Alignments: two ontologies are related (in contrast to the other kinds of mappings, this need not be functional). The DOL notation for alignments follows the Alignment API.

Ontohub pages for mappings

  • lists all existing mappings among all ontologies.
  • Ontology-specific pages list only the mappings belonging to one particular ontology.
  • Mapping-specific pages showing one specific mapping. Here, the status of the mapping is shown. E.g. an interpretation needs to be proven, and is open as long as that has not been done.