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The installation of Ontohub is described at the github page.

An automated script for installation under Ubuntu 12.04 can be found here. Run the script with

bash install-on-ubuntu develop

for e.g. installing the develop branch.

A virtual machine image (based on a Ubuntu 12.04.3 server guest, for use with VirtualBoc or VMWare) can be found here. Username and password are ontohub. Start a rails server with

cd Workspace/Ontohub
rails s

Then you can see your Ontohub instance at http://localhost:3000. If you use the VirtualBox config file, some port redirections will ensure that your port 3000 will be redirected to the VM, and you can ssh to the VM with "ssh -p 2222 ontohub@localhost". If you want to set up a productive environment, see the github page for Apache etc.

Problems? Please send us an email at