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SpacePortal is a specialised ontology repository which supports the collection and re-use of ontologies that formally represent the large array of the space-related domains. The infrastructure of SpacePortal is based on the Ontohub technological platform which supports multiple (onto)logical formalisms (e.g. OWL, CL, OBO, RDF, CASL, etc) and various mappings between ontologies.

The repository engine is designed to manage distributed and heterogeneous ontologies. The distributed nature enables communities to share and exchange their contributions easily. The heterogeneous nature makes it possible to integrate ontologies written in various ontology languages. Note that spatial ontologies are being written in OWL (e.g. GUM-Space), but also in first-order logic (e.g. GFO spatial ontology).

The instructions for new users of SpacePortal are available within this wiki which provides general guidelines for the Ontohub platform. A new space-related ontology can be uploaded at Ontologies can be submit in any of the supported formats.