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You can search by name of the ontology, names of symbols that occur in ontologies (e.g., "town" or "part_of"), the logic that is the ontology is written in (e.g, "OWL" or "CommonLogic") or any combination of search strings.

Some tips:

  • Capitalization is irrelevant (e.g. "CommonLogic" or "commonlogic" are treated the same)
  • Whitespace matters (e.g., "Common Logic" and "CommonLogic" are treated differently)
  • If you want to enter more than one search string, then you need to use the <return> key on your keyboard to ensure that they are treated as separate strings . (E.g., if you want to search for an ontology written in OWL which contains the class Spine, you need to first enter "OWL <return> spine <return>". Otherwise, OntoHub will search for an ontology that contains the symbol "OWL spine".)