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I hold a PhD in 'Foundations of the Life Sciences and Their Ethical Consequences', awarded by the European School of Molecular Medicine and the University of Milan (March 2013). During my studies, I acquired broad knowledge in the fields of philosophy of science, molecular oncology, bioinformatics, and wet laboratory practices. In my PhD project, I was examining how clinical and molecular knowledge about breast cancer can be integrated by means of biomedical ontologies and related technologies. Since July 2013, as a visiting scholar at the Research Center on Spatial Cognition (Uni Bremen, Germany), I am involved in the development of the Ontohub repository. I am developing a meta-ontology for ontology categories that should facilitate: 1) ontology organisation; 2) retrieval; 3) interoperability with the existing ontology categories employed across various ontology repositories. I also work on networking with the partners of the consortium. SpacePortal is the next generation semantic repository for spatial ontologies (being based on Ontohub technologies), and my duties include collection and organisation of space-related ontologies.