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Ontohub supports a wide range of formal logical and ontology languages building on the OntoIOp.org project and allows complex inter-theory (concept) mappings and relationships with formal semantics.

List of formal logical and ontology languages supported by Ontohub
Language Description Serialisation
OWL 2 DL OWL 2 Web Ontology Language, Description Logic semantics (W3C Recommendation) http://purl.net/dol/languages/OWL2/DL
Common Logic Common Logic (ISO/IEC 24707) http://purl.net/dol/languages/CommonLogic
OBO 1.4 Open Biomedical Ontologies (OBO) 1.4 http://purl.net/dol/languages/OBO/1.4
RDF Resource Description Framework (W3C Recommendation) http://purl.net/dol/languages/RDF
SATLIB Propositional logic http://purl.net/dol/languages/SATLIB
TPTP First-order logic http://purl.net/dol/languages/TPTP
CASL Common Algebraic Specification Language (subsorted partial first-order logic with induction) http://purl.net/dol/languages/CASL
THF0 Higher-order logic http://purl.net/dol/languages/THF0