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Each repository consists of a tree of files, structured into folders.

Ontohub file browser, e.g. at

This page provides a file browser for the repository. Initially, the root folder of the repository is displayed. In order to find a particular file, you can navigate through the file system.

The files and folders are displayed in the left column. Note that not all files contain ontologies. For those that do, the corresponding ontology is displayed in the right column. Note that one file may contain several ontologies (this then is an ontology library), but also several files may be associated to the same ontology (these are then different serializations of the ontology).

While on this page, ontologies and their files are displayed as different but related objects, generally, Ontohub is linked data compliant. That is, the raw text of an ontology and the HTML page containing a conceptual overview of the ontology can be accessed with one and the same URL.

You can also browse through the version history of the repository.