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Permissions in Ontohub are given per repository and are inherited to the ontologies of the respective repository. If you are owner of a repository, you can give permissions to other people and teams:

  • read permission - this is applicable only for private repositories
  • edit permission - this gives read and write access to the repository.
  • owner permission -by default,one who creates a new repository at Ontohub gets owner permission over it.Anyone with owner permissions can read, write and assign different permissions to other people or teams.People having owner permission can also edit repository's metadata and delete the repository.It is possible that more than one person or team has an owner permission over a repository.

There are three different roles a user can have in relation to the specific repository:

  • Owner-This is the default role for the user who create a repository on Ontohub. Owner of the repository can assign different permission to other people and teams.
  • Editor-This role is for people who has been assigned 'edit permission' by the owner of the repository.Editor can read and update a repository but can not delete it.
  • Reader-Reader of the repository can only view/read the specific repository for which they have 'read permission'.

In search box, while typing in the first three letters of a user or team name, Ontohub will suggest different possible completions to full names. In order to respect privacy of users, it is not possible to select users from a list.

Sample permission page on Ontohub:

What to do if I do not have the needed permissions?

  • Ask an owner of the repository (or of the team owning the repository) to give you access rights (in the future, ontohub will provide a means for requesting this)
  • fork the repository by creating a new one and git pushing the old one into it (also for this, ontohub will provide a means in the future)